“Pashu, Parshuram, Liar Cock, child star, devotee in equal parts of the luscious Baby Devi and Lord Krishna, son of plastic surgeons, grandson of Industry, is one of the most charming heroes you are likely to meet in a month of Fridays. This is a first day first show of extraordinary assurance. Means: read this book; it‘s very funny.”
– Jerry Pinto

“Mythological cinema, film stars and politics, the ideals of Gandhiji, the Bay Area in the time of Y2K. And nebulous forces of “reality abuse.” Young Parashuram, likable and bad luck prone as a Dickensian protagonist, must negotiate all these for love and life itself. The Mythologist’s language is playful and inventive and its themes richly realized. This is a moving, witty, exhilarating read.”
– C. Sriram, Author of “The Long Reverie of Partha Sarma”